Projects that we have worked on

The Pipe-Sol Consultancy is proud to have supported its clients on an array of interesting projects around the world – some have been world Firsts.

Its founder has been sharing pipeline coating knowledge through the publication of articles and presentation of papers for over 15 years.

From Rough to Smooth

Explaining coating surface roughness in a new way (October 2017)

Internal Coatings on the Rise

The real inside story on internal flow coatings for gas pipelines (September 2016)

Understanding Coatings: a Many Layered Thing

An overview of fusion-bonded epoxy pipe coatings, and the ways in which they serve… the pipeline industry (June 2013)

Covering the World’s Pipelines Inside and Out

How pipeline coatings are evolving to meet the future needs of the oil and gas industry (November 2010)

Internal Efficiency

Analysis of the performance of high solids internal flow efficiency coatings for pipelines (April 2008)

Case Study – Collaborating with Kansai Paint (Japan) – Pressure Loss Simulation Modelling

The Pipe-Sol Consultancy worked with Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. (Japan) to develop a Pressure Loss Simulation model for natural gas pipelines. The model uses calculations developed from computational analysis of ship hull performance in the marine Industry.